Biography of Nate Bosch

Nathan Bosch fostered a love for music at the young age of six. It was then that a friend of the family mentioned to his parents about introducing Nathan to the piano. A common quote overheard during those initial years of play was that Nathan’s hands were simply too big to touch delicate tiny piano keys. Not one to shy away from diversity, Nathan embraced the art of piano play with every fiber of his being.

Nate BoschAs a native of Abbotsford, BC, Nathan grew up into a house where various musical styles flowed freely. Musical styles featured included everything from secular to classical with many stops in between. From the moment Nathan first touched piano keys he vowed to continue playing until the point where he could simply sit down in front of the piano and begin playing without thought. Much to the delight of musical lovers across the globe, that moment came and went and Nathan continues playing to this day.

Nathan’s very first piano class took place next to the accomplished hands of Leonard Shobridge. It was this individual that taught Nathan how to make music as opposed to just playing music. These lessons took place at the age of seven and an instant love of music was created. Mr. Shonbridge instilled a love of mixing creativity into classical musical selections for Nathan.

Nathan enrolled in musical courses at the Yamaha School of Music for a period of five years. After this time period, he moved on to the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music. Nathan would follow an educational pathway at this institution for grades sixth through ninth before leaving in the tenth grade. Nathan credits a desire to expand his musical style horizons as the reason for leaving. He did not feel that sight reading was one of his strengths. This was a primary focus of coursework at the conservatory. Nathan does however understand that it is those years of musical preparatory training that fostered his foundation for a style of play that still remains today.

Upon entering into college, Nathan experienced the thrills of playing in his first band setting. The musical styles showcased by the band maintained a folk-rock feel that had Nathan hooked from the first note. Nathan let this new style of music open new doors for musical expansion in styles and sounds. It is this experience that led to a development into an exceptional musician.

Along the way there has been a host of musical inspiration that came into Nathan’s life. Some of the most notable include Bruce Hornsby, Harry Connick Jr. and Dave Grusin. From these musical greats, Nathan has drawn a sense of personal style that includes musical play with big chords and strong rhythms. Through the years of musical play, Nathan developed a foundation of music theory that allows him to play a selection by ear. While doing so, he can add a touch of creativity to make the musical selection all his own.

These early years of musical experience has led to a successful career in the world of music for Nathan. He records new musical selections with his band, Blue Rain, on a regular basis. In addition to this, he also records with notable artists such as Riley Armstrong in Nashville, Randy Bachman on Salt Spring Island off the coast of BC, Canada. Add to this a varied list of western Canadian recording artists and it is easy to see how music still influences Nathan’s life on a daily basis.

When not recording with his band or various recording artists, Nathan uses his love of music to inspire young minds. He teaches seminars and workshops based on the musical foundations and techniques that fostered his love of music at an early age.

Nathan currently resides in his native region of Abbotsford, BC with his wife Val. Together they have three children who are developing their own sense of musical styles. Hailey, Sam and Megan can be found singing and dancing alongside mom and dad shouting encouragement in time with the musical beat.

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